Bilingual / Bicultural Relationship People
i didn’t have this category before, but I felt like I needed it. I love reading blogs from people who are going through the same thing I am, whether they live in Spain, the U.S., France or wherever. 
The Town Mouse
Expat Blogs
Although I don’t know them, I often feel as though I do. We share experiences as travel bloggers and expats, exploring in this new world we call “home.”
Cut the Kitsch
Enjoy Living Abroad
Girl in Florence
Ifs Ands & Butts
It Rains In Spain
Fellow Conversation Assistants…or Former Ones (like me!)
These are my comrades who are (or were!) teaching English in various places around Spain. You can read about Basque country, Catalonia, Andalusia, Castille, etc. Moreover, you can read about their travels around Europe.
Estrella Explores
Food Love & Life
Lo Que Pasa
Mapless Mike
Passport Packed

28 thoughts on “Blogrollin’

  1. i am a fellow spain-ophile and found your blog through the joy the baker podcast… and what a delight it has been! i’m a former study abroader whose heart never left madrid, so i’m going back in the fall! can’t wait… i’ll definitely be living vicariously through your blog until then :)

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