Dating a Spaniard?

It starts with a date, perhaps un café, and look where it could lead you!


Married to one of ’em!

If you are dating a Spaniard (and you’re American, British, Australian, a Kiwi, or from any other English-speaking country), please contact me via email, Facebook, or Twitter. I would love to have you as a part of my So You’re Dating a Spaniard series.

Check out my Dating a Spaniard Pinterest board!

Dating a Spaniard Pinterest Kaley Y Mucho Más

Married couples also welcome!

Past interviews:

28 thoughts on “Dating a Spaniard?

  1. Hey, it’s Trina from Facebook. Just wanted to see if you got the message I sent about a month ago with the responses to your questions? Love your blog! :)

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