Seven Super Shots

Why yes, I am a follower? Why do you ask? Liz tagged me in her post, so I couldn’t resist; besides, I’ve loved all the other ones I’ve read.

My 7 Super Shots are not all superb photos; instead, they reflect a super moment, one that took my breath away or brought me to tears or causes me endless nostalgia to this day. Here goes …

1. A photo that … takes my breath away.

windmills of Don Quixote

This photo was taken in Consuegra, Spain, in the spring of 2008. I was studying abroad in Toledo, Spain. My parents had flown over to visit me. I was so excited, because I wanted them to see Spain and to experience it just like I was doing. These windmills, straight out of Don Quixote, was the just the vessel for that.

2. A photo that … makes me laugh or smile.

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